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Reduce time wasted on bad leads by 50% in 10 days.

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  • Generate More Sales Opportunities

    Knowing where your strong leads are, prevents you from wasting time on tire kickers and curiosity seekers. You can focus more on the right prospects and, as a result, create more sales opportunities.

  • Productivity

    Due to the fact that we provide analytics directly in your CRM or Sales Engagement tool, you can start getting value immediately without a long training period.

  • Increase Personalization

    Insights about your inbound leads are a compass for the best path for each lead in their buyer's journey. Build the most targeted and personalized outreach strategies for each step.

  • Get An Instant Visibility Of Your Pipeline

    Having plenty of instant insights about your inbound leads, you can track the quality of your inbound pipeline in real-time. Now you can immediately understand where to spend your marketing and sales efforts.

  • Use High-Quality B2B Data

    We use only certified data providers such as Clearbit, PredictLead, Bombora, etc. By combining different sources, we get the best data quality for your insights.

  • Forget About Black Box Insights

    In our products, we focus on white box solutions. You set the rules by yourself, or you can see which rules the AI uses to generate this or that insight. Everything is understandable and completely under your control.

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