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Level up your inbound marketing with data-driven approach

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  • Create advanced workflow automation

    Insights about your inbound leads are a compass for the best path for each lead in their buyer's journey. Build the most target and personalized marketing workflows for each step.

  • Use High-Quality B2B Data

    We use only certified data providers such as Clearbit, PredictLead, Bombora, etc. By combining different sources, we get the best data quality for your insights.

  • Switch Visibility Of Your Leads From A Contact Level To An Account Level

    Additionally to contacts, companies need marketing visibility about their accounts. For example, companies have an insight if a contact becomes Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), but there's no visibility if an account becomes Marketing Qualified Account (MQA). Altum Analytics delivers insights that level up your account analytics to the next level.

  • Forget about complex setup

    We have particularly focused on making our solutions as user-friendly for marketing ops specialists as possible. Our products are designed in such a way that they don't require any special knowledge to set up. You can get the first insights within 10 minutes after you start using Altum Analytics.

  • Turn Product Data In Marketing Insights

    Unfortunately, modern marketing tech-stack is not adapted for product-led growth companies. We provide easy-to-use solutions that will help your company to turn your product data into marketing insights without changing your current tech-stack.

  • Forget About Black Box Insights

    In our products, we focus on white box solutions. You set the rules by yourself, or you can see which rules the AI uses to generate this or that insight. Everything is understandable and completely under your control.

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