Sales Ops

Reduce the time your sales reps waste on bad leads by 50% in 24 hours

  • Solve problems with missing and incorrect data in Salesforce

    Automated data enrichment from a high-quality data provider ensures you can quickly and easily solve problems with missing and incorrect data and avoid time-consuming manual research and data entry.

  • Increase performance of your sales team

    Reduce the time your sales team waste on the bad leads by prioritizing their daily work via real-time insights based on Account Intelligence solutions.

  • Instant value

    Receive value using useful insights right in the Salesforce without any long training period for your sales team.

  • Simple turnkey analytics

    Simple turnkey analytics with all prepared Salesforce reports that will allow you to use it in your dashboards, save time, and make maximum use of the Account Intelligence solutions

  • Fewer Lost Opportunities

    Practice shows that as much as 60%-70% of opportunities are lost due to poor focus. Account intelligence allows you to prioritize leads so that focus is better executed so no hot leads fall through the cracks.

  • Sales automation stack

    Integrate messengers like Slack or Microsoft teams or use our API to integrate Account Intelligence solutions into your sales automation stack

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