EnrichmentICP Lead Segmentation

This product was designed for B2B companies that want to increase their conversion rate by up to 300% using AI-based Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) lead segmentation in Salesforce

  • Enrich your Salesforce
    with high-quality B2B data.
    Enrich your Salesforce with high-quality b2b data and save up to 30% of your sales team’s time that you spend on manual b2b data research to get insights for your discovery calls.
  • Increase your conversion rate using ICP lead segmentation model
    Use this convenient designer for the ICP lead segmentation model, which can be configured in 10 minutes and put into production without any third-party assistance. In this case, using insights from the model that does Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) lead segmentation, you can increase your conversion rate by up to 300% in 1 month, which leads to increased revenue and performance of your sales team.
  • Create the most efficient ICP lead segmentation model using unique genetic algorithm technology
    Use the data on the most successful deals to build ICP segmentation model using a unique AI technology based on genetic algorithms. Build your Ideal Customer Gene and instantly find the most promising leads in Salesforce.
  • Reduce time wasted on bad leads using native Salesforce application
    Use native Salesforce application to get all insights right in Salesforce and receive value from its use immediately without any long training period, understand how each firmographic parameter close to ICP via widget visualization, effectively prioritize your sales team work reducing the time your sales team waste on bad leads by 50% in 24 hours.
  • Improve your sales strategy using prepared Salesforce reports
    Use simple turnkey analytics with all prepared Salesforce reports that will allow you to use it in your dashboards, save time, and make maximum use of your account fit scoring model. Setup continuous improvements in your sales and marketing process, effectively analyze how each manager performs in each ICP segment to improve your coaching process.
  • Integrate ICP Lead Segmentation in your sales process
    Integrate messengers like Slack or Microsoft teams or use our API to integrate ICP Lead Segmentation into your sales automation stack.

Get instant value from ICP lead segmentation and

  • 300%

    Improve your conversion rate

  • 50%

    Reduce time wasted on bad leads

  • 30%

    Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

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