Walls.io Case Study + ROI Calculator
April 6, 2022

How ICP Model Helped Walls.io to Improve Outcome of Inbound Leads

Walls.io helps its clients to collect authentic content created by their community so they can take their marketing to the next level. Walls.io is full of useful features but still easy to set up and easy to use, no matter your technical level.


  • Improve overall inbound lead quality and streamline the workflow.

What Altum Analytics Did

  • Integrated AI-driven Altum Analytics ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) scoring model into the inbound lead workflow.
  • Analyzed inbound lead companies in 3 and half months.
  • Provided Walls.io with insights report.


We saw that 72% of Walls.io deals were created in High and Very High ICP buckets. Overall, 75% of new revenue comes from Very High and High ICP buckets too.


We analyzed the lifecycle stages of the companies during this period, and we saw that most of the customers and opportunities (65%) were in the High and Very High ICP fit buckets.

We made a conclusion that Walls.io can expect a higher conversion rate in opportunity/customer or higher ACV (Average Contract Value) from all new coming companies with High and Very High ICP fit tag.


Also, we analyzed lead sources in each ICP bucket.

Top 3 channels in terms of the number of leads were:

  • Offline Sources
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search

Let's inspect each channel. With the Offline leads source in each ICP bucket, we saw leads dominate in High and Very High ICP buckets. The ratio between Low and High ICP fit buckets – 2.4.

With Paid traffic we saw a bit different situation. Leads from the Low bucket are equal to the Medium bucket. It means that there are opportunities for some improvements. The ratio between Low and High ICP fit buckets – 1.4.

Organic traffic showed us a good performance. First, because it’s the good ratio between Low ICP fit leads and leads for High ICP fit buckets. The ratio between Low and High ICP fit buckets – 3.16.

“I think it's a great outcome, to see how well the ICP model matches! We've recently hired a second sales manager, and he's actively using the ICP info in his work (our more senior sales manager claims he trusts more his own gut feeling, but he has the field also activated in his views).” Michael Kamleitner – CEO at Walls.io

ROI Calculator

It doesn't stop there! To help our clients understand how ICP scoring can increase their ROI (Return on Investment), Altum Analytics has created the ROI Calculator. Estimate your ROI and send us your results so we can talk to you more personally about the solution and potentially work out a special offer!

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