Altum Analytics Launching on Product Hunt
January 20, 2022

Altum Analytics Launching Brand New Solution on the Product Hunt

Altum Analytics launches its ideal customer profile (ICP) scoring solution on the Product Hunt platform this February. The company provides a special offer for the Product Hunt community to celebrate the launch.

Altum Analytics is a team of experts with a mission to help organizations increase efficiency in processing inbound leads using a data-driven approach.

At Altum, people are passionate about big data, math, and machine learning. Since 2020, the company has started experimenting with B2B, communication, product, and marketing behavior data.

Among Altum Analytics solutions that are currently under development:

  • Automated Buyer Personas Scoring
  • Qualification Scoring
  • Marketing Qualified Accounts
  • Product Qualified Lead Scoring
  • Probability to Buy Scoring

You can contact the company if you are interested in becoming an early tester of these solutions.

Businesses started investing more and more resources in content marketing, event marketing, or product-led growth strategies. As a result, they started generating more and more inbound leads per month. So, it's becoming essential for modern organizations to put in place a workflow that will improve the processing of inbound leads. Dmitry Korzhik, CEO of Altum Analytics

Organizations now can have thousands of accounts in their Hubspot, Marketo, or Salesforce. Still, they have no clear image of which accounts would be their ideal customers. Altum Analytics provides a solution to the problem – automatic ICP scoring.

The main idea of this solution is to reduce time-wasting on bad leads. Instantly understand the ICP-fit of your inbound leads. Create effective workflows, target lists for marketing campaigns, and measure in real-time the quality of inbound channels.

Please support the Altum Analytics launch at Product Hunt on February 15th. Go to our ship page and subscribe now to get a special 50% product discount on the launch day.

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We’re still learning every day and I bet you are too!
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We’re still learning every day and I bet you are too!
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