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Case studies
Ideal Customer Profile vs. Buyer Persona
Find out the differences and the similarities between Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Persona. Explore why your business may want to use both these concepts?
Development of Genetic Algorithm
Can you write an AI algorithm for the marketing ops/sales department? Learn how we developed AI-based Ideal Customer Profile segmentation
The Altum Analytics ICP Scoring Guide
Find out how to create Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) model in the Altum Analytics ICP scoring step-by-step tutorial.
Altum Analytics Special Promo
To celebrate the launch on Product Hunt, Altum Analytics is bringing you a special offer.
#Case studies Case Study + ROI Calculator
Case study of how Altum Analytics helped to improve their overall inbound lead quality and streamline the workflow.
Making the Perfect Marketing Plan in 2022
The concept of customer-led planning is the future of marketing planning because brands do not appeal to audiences; they appeal to people because people patronize your brand.
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